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We are all being Drawn To The Wild....but all our adventures are different.

Use our Activity Matrix to find where your comfort level is and what Zone you belong to.
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Active Zone
Tough Zone
Extreme Zone
Ultimate Zone

Taking part in an epic trip to Antarctica to do sports or activities. GO

Taking part in an epic trip to the Arctic to do sports or activities.
Camping at established sites, “Glamping”. Relaxing & peaceful time in the outdoors.
Camping in basic sites or out on the trail. Rough weather and maybe a bit of mud.
Distant remote locations, harsh climates and camping with limited equipment and facilities.
Camping a long way from anywhere, mountain peaks, deserts, arctic, and survival camping
Indoor climbing, or simple “top rope” guided climbs outside.
Self guided (group) outdoor climbing, single pitch, straight-forward roped climbing. Bouldering.
Remote regions, complex multi-pitch climbs, long climbing expeditions. Climbing as part of mountaineering.
Free (no ropes) climbing. Solo expeditions or climbing routes. Very challenging environments.

Rocky but accessible cliffs and coastlines with calm or rough seas with open caves.
Remote coastlines, involving ropes and or climbing techniques, enclosed caves and possibly rough seas.

Day rides (or a few days away) on roads without needing to carry too much kit. Cycling for exercise or commuting.
Off road mountain biking, long distance cycle touring, racing or cycling in remote locations.
Around the world cycle rides, extreme downhill biking, remote and inhospitable environments.

See Walking
Day hikes or short multiday trips with light packs in moderate terrain.
Multi-day hikes in challenging terrain or environments with or without heavy packs.
Ultra long distance hikes, heavy or unusual loads to carry or hikes in remote and very challenging environments.
Any distance solo or group jogging on roads, paths or accessible countryside.
Endurance races, mud runs, obstacle courses, cross country running and long distance runs.
See Ultra Marathon

Low Altitude peaks reached by walking/hiking and some easy scrambling. Day hikes or short multi-day trips.
High Altitude peaks which may involve ropes and climbing, in remote areas and/or longer multi-day trips.
Extremely high altitude peaks in remote locations or mountains with complex climbs, ice climbing, glacier traverses and hostile environments.
Ultra Marathon

Epic long distance marathons in inhospitable environments or extreme distance running over multiple days.
Getting out and about in parks, accessible countryside either solo or group. Easy to navigate. See Hiking
See Hiking
See Hiking
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