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Welcome to the Extreme Zone
Where are you being drawn today?
You're being Drawn...
You love the outdoors and want to fill every moment with adrenaline fuelled thrills, you expect a challenge and for things to get tough, you crave the wilderness and the escape from normality, you love to feel the mud splattering across your face and you are ready to take some risks; you are drawn to the Extreme Zone.
To you the outdoors is serious; serious fun! You want an extreme adventure into the unknown and sports and activities that thrill and electrify the senses.

Extreme Zone Sports and Activities
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Camping tent
Person Jumping from cliff
Person hanging from Rock
Swimming in open sea
Cycling outdoors
We are all being Drawn to the Wild....but where exactly? What are you being drawn to do?
Inspire Me lets you navigate the world of outdoor (and a few indoor) sports and activities and helps to guide you to try something new, expand your horizons or discover more about the direction you're being drawn!
Need Help Choosing?
Use our Activity Matrix to view our complete list of sports and activities across all Zones. Some activities or sports can appear in more than one Zone. Compare the differences and find your place in the wild.
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